09 Sep

First of all what is a grounding cord?

A grounding cord is a spiritual connection between you the spirit, your body, and the earth.  When you create a grounding cord between your body and the earth, it creates a safe place for you the spirit to shine your light.  You are spirit and are a high vibration and your body is of the Earth and is a slower and lower vibration compared to spirit.  To improve harmony and communication between you and your body a grounded cord is recommended.  It is very similar to having a grounding connection when you plug in electricity.  By grounding, you are more aware of your energy and can focus your energy.

What are the benefits of grounding?

1. Like I said before, grounding allows you to focus your energy and reduce the scattered or spacey feeling.  

2. It improves the communication between you the spirit and your body.  It also improve the  communication between you and our larger body, Earth.  So in essence it improves communication between you the spirit and spirit, whether it is with the planet Earth, your guardian angel, or God/Source/All That Is (whatever you call the Creator).

3. It allows you to release unwanted energy that you may have picked up from others.  Many people are empathic and they pick up other peoples energies.  You may have taken on their anger, sadness, or pain.  We all do this.  And during this time period of huge change and challenge we are having multiple emotions, sometimes, multiple emotions thru out the day.  Grounding helps yourself and others.  You can release their energy which helps you to rise above their emotions, which actually in turn helps them to heal since you are demonstrating how to let go release unwanted energy.

4. It allows you to release your emotions.  We all have emotions, which is the bodies way of communicating to you the spirit.  But somtimes when can get overwhelmed by our emotions.  If this happens to you, you can allow and feel your emotions and then simple let them go down your grounding cord to the center of the Earth where they can be transmuted and returned to you as neutral energy.

5. It creates a safe space for you the spirit to reside in your body.  Since you the spirit are a very high vibration and your body is physical and lower vibration than spirit, grounding connects your body to the Earth which creates stability for your high energy vibration which makes it safer.

In short, grounding is very necessary in these times of great change and helps us to rise above fear, doubt, pain and lower vibration.  It creates a safe place where you can start to consciously change, create, and flow with reality.

How to create a Grounding Cord

1. Get comfortable by either sitting in a chair or lying down with your back straight.

2. Take a deep breath. Be aware of your body.  Be aware of your body touching the lying or sitting surface.  

3.  Be aware of your body.  Do you have any tension or emotions?  Allow yourself to feel them and where are they located in your body.  If you are emotional, are they your emotions or did you pick them up from someone else?  Are you resisting or judging them emotions.

4.  Now be aware of the are near the base of your spine, near your tailbone.  In this area is the first chakra or spiritual center.  The first chakra stores information regarding creating in the Earthly plane.  From this area, allow yourself to create a connection from the first chakra near the tail bone that connects to the center of the Earth.  Allow this connection to move thru your lying or sitting surface, thru all the layers of the Earth to the center of the Earth.  Continue to breath.  You can say “hello“ to Mother Earth.  Some people call her Gaia.    She may say hello or have a message for you.  She loves to communicate.

5. Notice how grounding feels to your body.  If there is tension, resistance, or emotions that you would like to release you can let them go down your grounding.  Mother Earth/Gaia will transmute these energies to a neutral energy.  Some people think that giving Mother Earth their heavy energies is like littering or polluting the earth.  But actually, because we are all connected and Mother Earth is our bigger body, by letting go of the heavy emotions and/or body tensions it helps Mother Earth and everyone you come into connect heal and change.  

6. You can ground in any position, sitting, standing, lying down, or even standing on your head.  You can also ground anytime of day or any situation (the more challenging the situation the better to ground).  Also you can ground any part of your body or energize system.  There is no limit or restriction on grounding.

Grounding takes no physical effort, it only takes awareness.  In fact, the more effort you use the harder it appears to be.  It like Yoda from Star Wars say, “Not TRY, only do (allow)”.

7.  To improve your grounding cord, practice creating it as often as you can.  You can also play with different images of your grounding cord.  Imagining your grounding cord like roots of a tree.  Or image your grounding cord is like a rope.  Next, a waterfall.  Then image it is like a beam of light.  Be aware of how each one feels to your body.  Are you more comfortable with one type of grounding cord image over another?  Is it easier to ground with one type of  grounding cord?  Is it better to have a different type of grounding cord in one situation over another?  Do people react to you differently when you are grounded vs ungrounded?  Again, play with the grounding cords.  The more you play with them the more comfortable you will feel and the more confidence you will have.

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